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Dru Yoga classes in Guiseley
why choose yoga ?
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Far from being mystical, yoga is still relevant to our modern age because it is a teaching firmly grounded in physiological reality. The techniques of yoga are methods of harmonising the nervous system. A tired nervous system causes physiological imbalance and results in a dull mind, negative thoughts, and ineffectual actions.
A fresh, rested nervous system results in a healthy body, an alert mind and a positive outlook. This makes a huge difference to how we respond (rather than react) to life. Our lives become more meaningful and increasingly positive.
Go Flow Yoga Guiseley
benefits of yoga
Learn to calm and focus your mind from the everyday tensions and anxieties of the modern busy lifestyle.
positive and uplifting
feel calmer and more balanced
Yoga creates a feeling of peace and calm, and promotes a better quality of sleep.
Yoga improves your posture by keeping your joints and soft tissues mobile. Postural muscles will become stronger. This in turn helps ease pain by releasing the tension in your body.
Dru Yoga Classes Guiseley Theatre
Studies have shown that regular Yoga sessions can lead to lower blood sugar levels, stronger  bones, lower blood pressure, and increased lymph drainage.
Yoga helps you stay focused on the present moment. You can then transfer this to the rest of your daily activities, and become more mind and body aware.
about me
My name is Kirsty, and I'm a registered Dru Yoga instructor and a GP. I discovered yoga in 2012. I felt an immediate affinity with it and was drawn to learn more. My desire is to be able to share my knowledge of yoga directly. This I do by teaching practical techniques to improve posture and balance, treat and prevent stress and anxiety, and reduce back pain.
In this fast paced, constantly connected, modern world we all need to be mindful of our mental wellbeing. It is important we take the time to direct our focus inwards, to be in the moment, content just "being" and not always "doing".
In my personal life, I love spending time with family and friends outdoors, trail running, hiking and skiing. Yoga is the perfect complement to these and to many other sporting activities.
Dru Yoga Instructor Go Flow Yoga Guiseley
yoga classes
I run weekly Yoga classes at Guiseley Theatre suitable for all levels of fitness and ability. Feel more relaxed, refreshed, and energised.
stretch your mind, body and spirit
classes suitable for all levels and abilities
Relax at Go Flow Yoga Classes Guiseley
My Yoga classes run for 75 minutes and are open to a range of mixed abilities. Yoga practice is low impact and non competitive, and every class is held in a supportive and friendly environment.
Release at Go Flow Yoga Classes Guiseley
Increase your energy and calm the mind with gentle Yoga stretches, postures and poses. Learn how breathing techniques can calm the mind and increase your mobility and flexibility.
Refocus at Go Flow Yoga Classes Guiseley
The class is concluded by a session of deep relaxation to help you feel relaxed and energised. These relaxation techniques also help transform any negative thoughts or emotions into positive ones.
yoga class prices
Guiseley Theatre
7:15pm - 8:30pm
per class
75 minutes
Guiseley Theatre
7:00pm - 8:15pm
per class
75 minutes
Guiseley Theatre,
Strauss Room,
The Green, Guiseley LS20 9BT.
Parking is available at the leisure centre.
Monday Night
7:15pm - 8:30pm
Tuesday Night
7:00pm - 8:15pm
what to bring
Wear a sports top such as a t-shirt or vest, and jogging bottoms or leggings. Don't forget your Yoga mat, towel, and drink.
contact me
Class spaces are limited, so please get in touch for current Availability. I would be happy to hear from you.
Guiseley Theatre, LS20 9BT
07866 615107
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Go Flow Yoga
Weekly Yoga class at Guiseley Theatre suitable for all levels of fitness and ability. Learn to relax and reduce stress in a supportive and friendly environment.
Join us
If you live in or around Yeadon Menston or Guiseley, come and discover how my regular Yoga class at Guiseley Theatre can have a positive and uplifting effect on your wellbeing.
Dru Yoga Instructor Kirsty Guiseley